Botox Treatments in West Bloomfield — The Perfect Way to Celebrate Mom

Daniel Haddad

Mother’s Day Botox Treatments in West Bloomfield

May Means Mother’s Day

By Dr. Daniel N. Haddad, Medical Director and Co-Owner


Growing up my mother has always cherished everything we have done for her. whether it was gift we purchased or something we made by hand, it was all precious to her. I still make an effort to bake my mom’s favorite dessert and put together some flowers for her, but since opening Elysium Medical Esthetics of West Bloomfield we have been privileged to take our Mother’s Day gifts to another level. We were able to create a special day for both my mother and my mother-in-law. What better way to celebrate motherhood than to undo some of the worry lines we caused growing up with botox treatments in West Bloomfield! But we didn’t stop there. We planned a special day for them starting with champagne and some of their favorite pastries to set the tone for the day.



Mom is not afraid of botox treatments in our West Bloomfield office, but needles sometimes send the wrong message — so we opted to do that on another day!


Today is not only about botox treatments, but about ultimate relaxation for Mom with a little noninvasive modern day technology to help restore some youth.


Time may be very unforgiving when it comes to our faces, I will be turning 37 this year so I definitely can speak to this. At Elysium we offer a treatment which helps fight gravity by tightening and sculpting the face. This is something I have tried myself and have been surprised what it can do in just one treatment. Check it out here!



Next we move to the signature candlelight hydrafacial room, a personal favorite of my mom.


Many clients who come in question what makes our hydrafacial so special. It was a labor of love between my business partner, my darling and brilliant wife, and myself. This is the best treatment for clients looking for a way to spend 90 minutes of bliss all the while brightening and moisturizing. This treatment allows one to spend more time under the revolutionary spinning water ejection tip of the Venus Concept Venus Glow hydrafacial device. This treatment is also enriched with effleurage massage encouraging lymphatic drainage and increasing circulation. Nothing but the best skincare is added to our facial with a layered approach from medical grade cleanser, gentle peels, serums, and moisturizers. Following the hydrafacial a luxury rose mask is placed adding extra time to just unwind while drifting into a serene mediative state in a room flooded with candlelight.


One of our special touches that is unique to the Elysium Medical Luxury Spa experience is our special Korean hand mask, its deeply hydrating formula is infused with rose oil adding to the experience.

This is by far the best hydrafacial in West Bloomfield, if not Michigan.



This mini spa day is finished with Celluma light therapy to help promote skin regeneration. Needless to say at this point mom is fully relaxed and as an added bonus is glowing and her beautiful cheekbones, which she can thank my grandmother for, are on display.


Elysium is an experience and we love nothing more than to share this with our customers. At this point in our Mother’s Day celebration, we’ll go and grab lunch at our favorite little restaurant and wrap up the day with coffee and a little homemade gift back at our home. 


The way you say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ should be something personal, whether to your mother or another woman in your life that has nurtured you.


This was just a little peak into what I did for my mom and stay tuned because I did not forget about dear old dad. June is right around the corner and men definitely deserve some medical aesthetics, I am speaking from experience haha.