How Elysium came to existence

The Concept

The name Elysium is derived from the Greek word for paradise.

It is a word that holds the essence of the spa, to allow every client to feel as though they have entered into a heavenly garden and leave feeling rejuvenated and more beautiful.

Born from the vision of husband and wife whom saw a need for medical esthetics that provides a naturally enhanced result while emphasizing skin health, Elysium came to existence. As one of the few medical spas, which is completely overseen and operated by a physician, Elysium Medical Esthetics is determined to utilize the latest technology in a closely monitored medical setting.

Medical Esthetics is not just about performing treatments on clients. There is an artistry that is warranted to help achieve desirable results, the best in the field can blur the lines between medicine and art. Since childhood, Dr. Haddad has had a natural talent for the fine arts between painting, drawing and sculpting and this has given him an upper hand in the efforts of enhancing ones beauty.

Sandra has spent a considerable amount of time researching skin lines which complement and enhance each of the esthetic treatments offered at Elysium.

This has been paired with botanical extracts Dr. Haddad has found to be essential in the healing and rejuvenation process for aging and damaged skin. Since the dawn of the renaissance, the power of natural extracts and ingredients have been utilized among the elite of society for uses ranging from healing to cosmetic enhancement. Gardens were used in the chateaus of France not only for their ornamental value, but would also hold treasures of medical use. From the groves of the Ionian coast to the rose gardens from the English countryside we have sourced only the finest organic extracts to deliver results to our clients. These have been hand selected to create our own signature botanical blend which has been infused in multiple facets of our treatments.

At Elysium Medical Esthetics, we strive to not only reverse years of skin damage from the environment, but also help regain a youthful appearance.

Drawing inspiration from the great estates and gardens of Europe, the bones of Elysium Medical Esthetics were brought together. This has set it apart from modern facilities of this type. Sandra and Dr. Haddad pieced together an environment that would allow all the clinical benefits of a modern medical spa, while immersing the client in a luxurious European setting.

It is our hope that every person who walks out of our door leaves content and looks forward to their return.

Luxurious rejuvenation awaits.

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