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By Sandra Haddad, Co-Owner and founder of Elysium Medical Esthetics 

It is no secret that hydrafacials are the ultimate noninvasive facial rejuvenation procedure as they provide a thorough skin exfoliation leaving skin plump and hydrated. Whether it is Hydrafacial MD, Diamond Glow, Venus Glow, or any other medical  device your provider is using, they all are designed to perform hydradermabrasion, a fancy word for exfoliation using serum infused water. Regardless the device that is being used for your hydrafacial,  there are certain addons that you can ask your provider to include in your service to ensure that you are treating your skin with the best hydrafacial.

Prior to diving into these addons and their benefits, it is worth mentioning that your skin absorption is optimized after preforming hydradermabrasion, therefore, post your hydrafacial, is a perfect time to maximize results from skincare treatments and products.  So, if you are someone who gets hydrafacials often, or simply looking for the perfect hydrafacial that will clean up, hydrate and nourish your skin, then you might want to look into these simple addons treatments that will take your hydrafacials into a whole different level.

Here at Elysium we offer three different categories of addons you can incorporate into your service to ensure you are getting the best hydrafacial in west Bloomfield Michigan

1. HYDROJELLY® mask by Esthamax

At Elysium, we proudly offer the famous HYDROJELLY® mask.  After all, it is super popular for a reason. The genius technology of HYDROJELLY® mask  allows the skin to retain natural moisture balance by providing it with the proper balance of electrolyte. The freshly exfoliated skin after your hydrafacial will allow your skin to retain that balance more effectively.

The application of the HYDROJELLY® adds to the experience of our Glow hydrafacial in west Bloomfield, Michigan. The mask is typically prepared post clients Glow hydrafacial, by mixing the powder, enriched with nutrients, with water, and gliding it on the face. A thick layer of gel starts forming after 15 minutes and is easily removed leaving the skin more hydrated than ever.

Our top favorite HYDROJELLY® masks we have available to add to your hydrafacial at Elysium in west Bloomfield are:

EGYPTIAN ROSE HYDROJELLY®: This is our top favorite as rose petals are rich with vitamin C and natural oils that nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Additionally, rose petals have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties making it perfect to calm sensitive and inflamed skin due to acne.

ILLUMINATING ORANGE HYDROJELLY®:  Here at Elysium, we love vitamin C and this mask if full of it. This masks helps remove pigmentation without irritation, giving the skin an amazingly nice glow while hydrating it.

2. Serum Ampules:

This is one of our favorite we add on to our Glow hydrafacial in west Bloomfield Michigan. This addon is consistent of two main elements. The first element is the serum ampule that is selected by our trained providers based on your skin concerns. These ampules are packed with high concentrations ingredients that are designed to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. To ensure that depth of penetration, we included the second element of this add on, 24k gold derma stamp to deliver the serum into the skin. This derma stamp creates tiny, controlled, punctures in the skin allowing for serum penetration and also triggering the healing response which encourages collagen production.


3. LED Light Therapy

LED light has been our ultimate add on to our Glow hydrafacial in West Bloomfield Michigan. This treatment is also customized to address your skin needs and is preformed post the Glow hydrafacial. LED light therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of light. This light is proven to reduce inflammation, kill acne causing bacteria, promote healing, and boost collagen production reducing wrinkles.




Thus, if hydrafacials are part of your selfcare routine or if you are just googling the best hydrafacials near me. We hope these addons will help you get the best hydrafacial experience in your area that will have your skin thank you for it.